Novium is back with another eye-catching addition to your office desk setup with The Edge and the Shuttleport. Much like its Levitating Pen, these two new additions to its repertoire of space-inspired stationery also defy gravity. 

Let’s start with Novium’s Edge. This is a multipurpose tool that serves as a box cutter, letter opener, and ruler. The box cutter is made from stainless steel with a 1mm wide safety tip so it doesn’t hurt your skin just rip through packages. Its anodized aluminum grip has a notched upper surface that serves as a precision scale while underneath it is a semi-sharp surface that can cut open envelopes.

The Edge sits at a 12° angle and hovers above its magnetic base through the tip of the blade. It sets into position with a satisfying click. The handle hovers up in mid-air so you can easily grab onto it. This one can easily pass off as a desk attraction or console table ornament. It weighs 25 grams while the base, which is made from zinc weighs 130 grams, making it a great paperweight too. The Edge comes in Space Black and Starlight Silver color options.

Meanwhile, Novium’s Shuttleport is a unique paperclip holder designed in a split-arc form. It comes with two kinds of clips: the sheet metal kind and the bent-wire kind. They both come in a paper-plane-inspired design. One serves best as a bookmark and the other to hold papers together. 

The anti-gravity platform has a docking base for one levitating paper clip and dedicated storage for the other clips on the side. The hovering clip sits at a precarious angle pointing toward the sky. The Shuttleport only comes in Space Black color, making the hovering silver clip in its center stand out. 

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Images courtesy of Novium