What many thought was just another impossible vision of the future is now a normal part of our lives. We are now enjoying the benefits brought about by advancements in technology especially with machine learning. Thanks to wireless connectivity, there are more smart-enabled options available in the market. Innovative approaches like the Novabot are one of them.

Manual methods of cleaning around the home are not going away anytime soon. Still, it’s now more convenient as robot vacuums become the ubiquitous smart gadget to own these days. With the help of cutting-edge sensors and AI, these motorized helpers can sweep and mop your floors autonomously.

Taking this concept and applying it to your lawn’s upkeep is what the Novabot is all about. This crowdfunding project promises to be a “revolutionary lawn care robot” and its backers believe so too. As of this writing, it’s already way over its goals with 23 days to spare. So, what makes it stand out from other robot lawnmowers out there?

Designed to look like a futuristic supercar albeit scaled down to about 24.02” x 15.75” x 13.39” (L x W x H) in size, this bad boy can do so much more than just mowing the lawn. It can also double as a smart home security system on wheels. The 360-degree HD panoramic view of its camera and sensors can detect if anything is amiss and alert users via the Nova companion app.

The Novabot boasts a durable ABS shell and an IPX6-rated waterproof construction. You can even just hose it down to clean. Moreover, don’t worry about the rain! No need to set up a perimeter cable either as the RTK-GPS system keeps it within your property. Convenience and versatility never looked so good.

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Images courtesy of Novabot LFI