Nostalgia Electric knows how important breakfast is as well as how important kitchen counter space is. That is why they created an awesome little 3-in-1 breakfast machine a few years ago. Unfortunately it was only big enough for one person. Now they have rectified that situation without increasing the size much at all.

The Nostalgia BSET300 Retro Series 3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station ($70) combines a four cup coffee maker with a toaster oven capable of holding four pieces of bread at a time and a topside grill for cooking bacon and sausage or eggs all at once. At just under 20 inches long by a foot tall and deep, this 13 pound machine if a perfect fit for campers or tiny houses. It uses standard 120 Volt, 1,500 Watt power and is controlled from two simple knobs on the front.

The top grill is non-stick and even has a glass grill lid. For those who don’t really do breakfast, the Jumbo Breakfast Station can also cook up burgers or personal sized pizzas. It really is an excellent choice of cooking machine when every square inch of space counts. Details in the video [via]