The Nomad Card Wallet Plus is a straightforward wallet devoid of any frills or gimmicks. It is a minimalist wallet with a simple design yet is great at what it offers.

If you’re looking for a wallet that can store more than just your credit cards and IDs, then this is for you. It can hold an amazing 16 cards at max, but just 12 with folded cash. There are three dedicated card slots inside. It also has an external quick access slot for your most-used card. The slots are die-cut to reduce the amount of overlapping leather, which then results in a thinner or slimmer silhouette. Meanwhile, microfiber pocket lining lessens friction between cards that could lead to scratches and allows for smooth card access anytime.

The Nomad Card Wallet Plus is made from Horween leather, founded in 1905, it is one of the oldest running tanneries in America. This means you can guarantee high-quality leather that develops its own patina over time, making the wallet uniquely yours. It weathers but does not wear out. Moreover, the leather went through a thermoforming process. In layman’s team, this means it used intense heat and pressure to bond leather and a thin layer of fabric then molded into shape. This creates space to store the cards without the need for the leather to stretch out.

A prerequisite of a card wallet is its size. It should easily and safely fit inside the pocket of your jeans or trousers. The Nomad Card Wallet Plus is a front pocket wallet with a compact size of just 10.2 cm long and 8.0 cm wide. It is very slim without contents at just 1.3cm. Plus, it comes in rustic brown color aside from black.

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Images courtesy of Nomad Goods