The NIU N70 House is unlike any home you’ve ever seen with its minimalist design envisioned to give you utmost comfort. It boasts a great blend of elegant aesthetics and functionality in a sleek, rectangular frame. 

There are two partitions to distinguish night and day: on one end is the bedroom and on the other is the living, dining, and kitchen area which connects to the terrace and outdoor pool. The wet areas stand in the center and serve as partitions. The facade boasts elegance and durability and the cohesive feeling of being one with nature. This is thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glazing that gives the interior a light atmosphere. High-end windows with concealed sashes provide continuity and give unoccupied views of the surrounding topography.

Despite its minimalist frame, it is equipped with modern furnishings. Home automation allows you to control air conditioning, solar protection configurations, security, or program different lighting. The design of the NIU N70 House also considers circadian lighting and all the architectural elements designed for easy maintenance. This means the distribution of furniture, lighting, appliances, fixtures, and fittings is done in a way that they are hidden. This way they don’t easily gather dust.  

There are six different finishes to choose from to create this modern contemporary abode. You can select the same design for all spaces in the house. You can also pick a different finish for each room. The choices are aluminum, graphite, ivory, sand, onyx, or anthracite. The NIU N70 House is great as a guest house, for a couple, or a single person. 

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Images courtesy of NIU Houses