Nothing beats a good sleep after a tiring day of hiking or trekking so it’s important to have a comfortable resting area to just lay back and relax. But you really only have a few options when you’re out of the comforts of your home and you can only rely on a hammock or a tent, which, if fortunate enough, does not leave you with body sores.

This is where the Ninox FlatLay Hammock comes in– it promises to let you sleep like you’re in the comfort of your own bed. It lets you sleep in any position you want, be it on your back, on your side, or on your stomach, and you still have enough space to move around. This spacious omnidirectional hammock uses soft Teslon 3 fabric to give you comfort while you sleep.

Best of all, this waterproof hammock sets up in less than sixty seconds because it doesn’t use knots but utilizes strong adjustable suspension cords. It is also adaptable to any terrain and wherever you set it up, you don’t have to worry about insects because it comes with a removable insect proof mesh.

The Ninox FlatLay Hammock is portable and lightweight so it’s an ideal companion in any of your outdoor adventures. It even comes with a compact smart storage bag for easy transport.

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Photo Courtesy of Ninox