If we had to pick dessert, ice cream would be our go-to option each and every time. The frosty treat is a delightful accompaniment to other types of sweets and beverages. Even the lactose intolerant can enjoy milk-free alternatives. There are so many flavors and brands to consider, but if you prefer something homemade, check out the Ninja CREAMi,

The manufacturer is already a household name for its lineup of powerful blenders and wide range of kitchen appliances. Making ice cream at home can be a tedious process, which is why many just choose to purchase theirs from the store.

The frozen goods aisle is usually brimming with a staggering number of choices. However, when you have the basic ingredients available, the CREAMi is a great tool to prepare various types of frozen treats. It automates the mixing process to reach the ideal texture for ice cream, sorbets, lite ice cream, and gelatos.

Furthermore, there are options for milkshakes and smoothie bowls as well. Just keep in mind that this requires some work on your part Unlike compressor-based systems, Ninja’s contraption does not have a cooling function. Instead, we need to follow a basic recipe for the base and freeze them inside the included pints.

Once ready, hook them up to the CREAMi and let the powerful dual-drive motors handle all the hard work. Its custom creamerizer blades finely shave and churn the contents until it reaches the ideal consistency. Ninja also includes lids so you can store whatever is left for later. One-touch buttons make it easy to use. Scoop out some freshly-made gelato and add some espresso for some tasty affogato.

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Images courtesy of Ninja