Since its acquisition by Ninebot, Segway has been regularly expanding its lineup of mobility platforms. The company has come a long way from when it became a household name thanks to its self-balancing personal transport. What followed were a mix of go-karts, scooters, ATVs, and more. The latest machine to come from their engineers is the Apex H2 – its emission-free entry for the motorcycle market.

Over the years, electric two-wheelers have also surged in popularity enough to almost rival that of EVs. While there are plenty of brands to choose from when it comes to all-electric automobiles, motorcycles still need to catch up. What sets the Segway Apex H2 apart from other eco-friendly options is its use of a hybrid system.

Instead of drawing power from batteries as the rest do, Segway says it will use a hydrogen-electric powertrain. We can’t help but wonder why the manufacturer is opting for this setup. From what experts are saying, refueling establishments are not as distributed compared to EV charging stations.

Moreover, since the production process of this type of alternative fuel is costly, it could dissuade consumers. Anyway, aside from the issue regarding its energy source, the Apex H2 is visually outstanding. Hallmarks of a futuristic design language such as LED lighting on the wheels and frame are all intact.

Another notable visual treat is the two wheels in a single-side configuration. Sadly, those expecting to see self-balancing tech on the Segway Apex H2 will be seeing it here. Performance-wise. Ninebot claims the production model can produce 80 horsepower. Finally, its top speed is 90 mph along with a 0-62 mph in less than four seconds.

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Images courtesy of Ninebot