Thanks to the Nimuno Loops LEGO Tape ($36 for 19.6ft), you can now build those award-winning designs of yours on top of any imaginable surface. The brilliant strip is compatible with LEGO Blocks, Mega Bloks, Kreo and most major toy building block systems.

Nimuno Loops has its own adhesive back that can become a firm base for constructing anything. The bands are flexible and can be bent around corners or even on curving surfaces – perfect for building straight out from a wall or other vertical surface. The tape can also be cut to size and fitted for smaller projects, while the adhesive backing is reusable just like LEGO’s can be reused to build new objects.

Nimuno Design took their idea to Indiegogo for financial backing and have already raised over 6668% of their required funds, so be ready to start seeing the LEGO tape turning up in strange places under firmly based structures by the end of Summer. Details in the video