We believe there are a lot of folks who are probably feeling bad for missing out on Gordon & Macphail’s exclusive launch of the King Charles III Coronation Edition. The commemorative spirit is limited to only 281 bottles, and all are already spoken for. However, Nikka Whisky Yoichi Single Malt 10-Year-Old might be enough to cheer you up.

Japanese whiskey continues to impress even the most discerning of palates across the globe. In fact, the demand for drams distilled by celebrated brands from the Land of the Rising Sun has led to shortages of special expressions. In fact, those closely following the local scene are attributing the disappearance of age statements to the dwindling supply of exclusive blends.

Although Suntory is still hailed as the top dog in the country, Nikka Whisky occupies the second spot on that list. To drum up publicity for single malts produced by its Yoichi distillery, the 10-Year-Old label signals a thrilling return to form. A couple of years ago, the company shared its plans to boost production beyond its highest recorded output back in 1983.

Reports also highlight a major milestone for the Yoichi facilities as some of its buildings were recognized as several of Japan’s “Important Cultural Properties.” According to Emiko Kaji,  the group’s Global Marketing and Sales General Manager, “to celebrate this special honor, we welcomed the return of Nikka Whisky aged statements and released the Yoichi Single Malt 10-Year-Old, a new expression created by the current blenders.”

Currently, Nikka Whisky confirms it will ship out the 10-Year-Old in controlled quantities every year. The single malt from the Yoichi distillery is bottled at 45% ABV and will carry a retail price of $175. Given its limited distribution, interested buyers might have difficulties securing one from their usual suppliers. Instead, expect resale markets to have it on stock with a markup.

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Images courtesy of Nikka Whisky