It’s becoming clear that what was once nothing but fascinating proposals are moving beyond the concept stages. In the name of sustainability, companies are incorporating recycling, upcycling, cutting-edge materials, and new manufacturing methods with lesser or zero carbon emissions. Nike is finally catching up to rival Adidas with efforts to clean up landfills and our oceans with the ISPA Link Axis.

As you can glean from its name, this is the Beaverton, Oregon-based sports apparel group’s “first exploration into creating a fully circular shoe.” Overall, this is a thrilling development for the industry as it delivers footwear wherein every component can be recycled. As you can guess, this is a huge burden off the shoulders of waste management facilities.

Starting with the upper, Nike is using 100% recycled polyester Flyknit. Applying a modular approach to its construction, the ISPA Link Axis opts for parts that can interlock to omit the use of glue and additional stitching. Therefore, it features a design wherein the woven synthetic yarn is shaped to wrap around grooves on the outsole.

Furthermore, a translucent rubber panel secures the upper in place with eyelets for the laces, which also thread through loops on the Flyknit fabric. Once the ISPA Link Axis is on your feet, each stride is supported by the blown plastic midsole and a Nike Air mechanical cushioning system. The product page claims it feels responsive with the right amount of bounce.

Available in a Total Orange and Sonic Yellow colorway, the ISPA Link Axis is presented mostly in white, with just the right amount of vibrant accents. Nike states the shoe, “explores the concept of modularity and material choice as a design solution to help make the world a better place.” We can’t wait to see what competitors come up with next.

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Images courtesy of Nike