In the “life imitating art” department, leave it to Nike to come through and come up with the self tying shoelaces Marty McFly wore in the movie “Back to the Future II”. Mark Parker, President & CEO of the company has just introduced the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 ($TBA) to the world.

The brainchild of Parker, designer Tinker Hatfield, and senior innovator Tiffany Beers, the HyperAdapt 1.0 has a technologically advanced motor in the sole that can automatically draw the laces closed and determine when the pressure around the foot has reached an optimal fit. Called Electro Adaptive Reactive Lacing, this innovative system has been athlete tested to find the right balance and tension. It is waterproof and a single charge (3 hours) can last for as long as 2 weeks.

The tread pays homage to yet another movie. It was designed to mimic the traction capabilities of WALL-E from the eponymous Disney/Pixar film. This first iteration of the HyperAdapt is being released as an exclusive to Nike+ members only. Details in the video.