For a truly immersive racing game experience, prepare to spend a ridiculous amount of money to fully kit out your man cave with the best accessories and peripherals. Another genre that also pushes players to splurge big bucks for optional hardware is flight simulators. If you already own a HOTAS flight stick, hook it up to the Boeing Military Edition flight simulator cockpit.

For a more budget-friendly setup, a solid gaming desk should be fine. However, to really feel like you’re in a fighter jet or a commercial airliner, Next Level Racing offers a diverse range of accessories that cater to whatever a virtual pilot needs. Officially licensed by the Boeing Company as you can see by the logos printed across its surfaces.

To ensure maximum comfort, users can adjust various components accordingly. The spec sheet shows the Boeing Military Edition can support heights between 4′ to 6’9″ and a maximum weight of 330 lbs. At 124 lbs. in the box, this bad boy is hefty, which assures us of a solid build quality.

Next Level Racing tells us this flight simulator cockpit is “compatible with flight electronics such as yokes, joysticks, rudders, and throttles for all major brands.” The flight seat is crafted out of high-density foam and upholstered in PU leather with green canvas fabric.

For combat flight games, a dedicated cutout lets you mount the joystick in between the legs. “The Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Boeing Military Edition cockpit has been specifically designed and developed with flight users in mind. The Flight Simulator is the first flight cockpit that allows different flight configurations all in one station,” reads the description.

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Images courtesy of Next Level Racing