A true outdoorsman finds great value in nifty yet handy EDCs that have something more to offer than they may seem. Take for instance the new TAQ Wallet from QuiqLite. This is no ordinary wallet even at first glance. It boasts a rugged and robust appeal that would look great on anyone no matter the occasion.

This everyday carry can rival any tactical wallets in the market with its essential add-ons and solid construction guaranteed for life. It makes commutes in the urban jungle and outdoor adventures convenient and safe.

The new TAQ Wallet from QuiqLite easily turns from a money carrier into a survival and utility tool with its built-in light, screwdriver, bottle opener, and more. This is definitely one EDC that you want to have around anytime and anywhere.

Robust, Rugged Form Factor

A great tactical gear, outside of its functions, must have striking aesthetics. It’s what attracts potential buyers and enthusiasts upon first glance. The new TAQ Wallet from QuiqLite definitely fits the bill with its rugged design and smooth silhouette.

The design does not compromise on quality and safety. The edges appear smooth and the corners are even. The added screwdriver and glass breaker do not pose a threat to the human touch and to the linings of your pocket or bag. More so, the built-in tools blend in seamlessly to render a sleek and slim form that feels good in the hands.

Combat-Ready Construction


Tactical gears are called as such because they can withstand heavy use and still maintain high performance factor over time. They only use reliable and durable materials in the construction. The new TAQ Wallet from QuiqLite is one such tactical EDC that is guaranteed for life.

It uses a combination of stainless steel, nylon, and high-strength aircraft aluminum for an unbeatable shell that adds minimal bulk and weight and guarantees infinite appeal. The nylon keeps money and cards safely in place while the metal components add to the wallet’s level of protection against data theft. The new TAQ Wallet from QuiqLite is also IP-X2 water resistant so it can handle a little water spray.

Essential Tools At Your Disposal

The new TAQ Wallet from QuiqLite reimagines ordinary wallets with the modern era. It’s an innovative EDC that carries a glass breaking tip, a screwdriver, an adjustable shock cord, and a bottle cap opener.

You can always rely on this wallet during emergencies and small repairs. It even comes with dual white CREE LEDs sealed inside a nylon housing that is IP-X4 water resistant. The flashlight delivers 75 to 150 Lumens of light at a push off a button with safety strobe available. The strobe light can go on for three hours while 75 and 150 Lumens of light give you three hours and 1.5 hours, respectively.

Generous Storage Solution

A good wallet is one that not only offers protection from data theft and external factors but also provides ample storage space. The new TAQ Wallet from Quiqlite can hold up to eight cards and features a sliding window for easy retrieval. It also comes with a money clip to keep bills, banknotes or other small paper documents in place.

Reliable, Portable, a Must-Have


The new TAQ Wallet from Quiqlite is guaranteed lightweight and slim thanks to its metal construction. It also has a built-in carabiner attachment point for added convenience in travel. As far as tactical wallets go, you can definitely count on this EDC to last for the long haul. It even comes in attractive solid colors of blue, black, aluminum, and OD green, so you have a variant to choose from to fit any occasion and personal style.

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