Hot on the heels of their release of the new 247 silhouette, New Balance has upped the ante with the premium 247 Luxe Version ($TBA). Labeled as a “lifestyle” sneaker, the 247 Luxe is constructed with full grain leather. Inside is a stretch synthetic nubuck sock construction that makes this premium sneaker an easy comfort to put on an take off.

Designed to fit as easily into a formal setting as the more casual ones, the kicks come in three colorways. There is the vibrant orange along with both black and white options to accessorize any wardrobe decision. Despite their more formal silhouette, the 247 Luxe does have perforated toe vamps to maintain ventilation to your feet. The construction standards and wearability of this new sneaker matches all the superior requirements the New Balance brand is known for. These are definitely not your dad’s stuffy old sensible shoes.