Tiny house living is a trend nowadays because it is not only practical but also sustainable. Singapore-based Nestron House makes this possible with its vast offerings of tiny homes including the Cube Two or C2.

The major concern when it comes to a tiny house is the real estate. After all, tiny equates to a small living area. But not the C2. It has 26 square meters of space to cater to a family of 3-4 members. It boasts an open layout design and has a bigger living room area to host fun activities.

The Nestron Cube Two even has a special skylight dome to further give the impression of space. It also allows children or the family to gaze out at the stars and commune with nature. It also provides natural lighting. Since it is for a medium-sized family, this home has double bedrooms that comprise of a built-in bed rack, wardrobe, and a bar counter.

It is also equipped with modern furnishings for comfortable living including a range hood and sink in the kitchen and a bathroom with a shower, basin, and towel rack. The living room hosts a dining table and a sofa.

Best of all, the Nestron Cube Two has built-in smart systems for your smart home devices. It also comes to you prefabricated from 90% recyclable materials. The home’s structure uses a single sheet of steel and comes with solar panels and a water collection system. It is customizable so you can add more modern furnishings including a television, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, and/or water heater.

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Images courtesy of Nestron House Ltd.