As gamers, we have a huge selection of platforms to play on. For consoles, there are Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and other smaller manufacturers to choose from. Meanwhile, a gaming rig should suffice if you prefer versatility and staggering performance. Some of you might have one already, while others are about to build one. Nerdytec’s Couchmaster CYCON² is a handy accessory most people never knew they needed.

The majority of users typically play with a mouse and keyboard, with a few exceptions who choose to do so with a compatible gamepad instead. The former requires a solid surface such as a desk or table to support the devices in question. Dedicated setups are often located in home offices, mancaves, entertainment rooms, bedrooms, and other similar spaces. 

Hardcore gamers prefer a dedicated gaming monitor yet some high-end televisions can double as large-format displays for your PC. Therefore, Nerdytec supplies those who want to game in their living room with an ergonomic lap desk as an alternative. What the Couchmaster CYCON² superior comfort and convenience.

The premium memory cushions measure 23″ x 7.87″ x 6.30″ (L x W x H), while the support board is listed at 32.28″ x 13″ x 1.18″ (L x W x H). The former is wrapped in a microfiber fabric with a suede-like texture and is available in black or gray. The Couchmaster CYCON² connects to your PC and an optional power supply via a single cable to minimize tangled wires.

Side pockets are available to hold drinks and other items. Hook up your favorite keyboard and mouse directly to the Couchmaster CYCON²  via the integrated USB 3.0 ports. Cable management systems beneath the support board keep your cords in control, while cutouts allow you to thread the primary connection cable on either side.

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Images courtesy of Nerdytec