Projectors are no longer confined to our living rooms or man caves as portable versions are available for on-the-go entertainment. One of the leading brands in the market is Nebula — a subsidiary of Anker. They recently dropped a new model called the Mars 3 Air and it’s packed with cool features for both indoor and outdoor multimedia consumption.

What used to be extremely expensive pieces of tech are now mainstream products, which is why we can easily find portable projectors for rock-bottom prices. However, despite the ridiculously low cost, these are rife with falsely advertised functions and underwhelming specifications. Therefore, it’s better to invest in a reputable manufacturer with a solid track record regarding quality and performance.

The Mars 3 Air is significantly larger than Nebula’s Capsule 3, but it touts distinct advantages over its compact sibling. Comparing the spec sheets of both models, the larger of the two is the more versatile option judging by the peak brightness and audio output. It is rated at 400 ANSI lumens with two 8W speakers for more immersive stereo sound.

As noted by A/V professionals, the higher brightness of the Mars 3 Air means the picture ideally remains legible even with ambient lighting. Still, as with any type of projector, you can fully enjoy a cinematic experience in the dark. Nebula makes setup a breeze via integrated object avoidance, autofocus, keystone correction, and screen fit settings.

It runs Google TV and ships with Netflix already preinstalled, while the other streaming apps can be downloaded afterwards. A 64.8 Whr battery supplies enough juice for 2.5 hours of movie playback and 8 hours of audio-only operation. The Nebula Mars 3 Air also comes with a convenient carry handle to make it easy to transport. 

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Images courtesy of Nebula/Anker