When it comes to innovations, we hardly see any significant upgrades made for power tools. Yet, experts hope to deliver a compact power drill that’s built to handle the extreme environment it’s intended for, which involves a whole lot of moisture. The Nautilus, created by Designers Alexander Kaula and Andreas Schmidt, aims to remove some of the restrictions and challenges imposed by underwater work.

Conventional power tools for underwater conditions often rely on compressed air to function. However, the long tube that connects to an overhead compressor on the surface means that movement is sometimes limited. On the other hand, the Nautilus is a cordless tool powered by induction coils molded into the waterproof housing and powered by standard AA batteries.

Moreover, to combat problems with visibility usually brought about by the particles dispersed by the drill, it employs an impeller alongside cooling fins mounted on the rear (both of which are made of aluminum bronze). The innovative design works twofold; it draws water from the front to pull drilling dust as well as other particles away to give you an unobstructed view and it cools the motor block as well.

According to the product description, the compact power drill comes in a black and yellow color that keeps it visible underwater and gives it a striking appearance. The tool is intended to be easy-to-use and handle most domestic workloads that introduce water into the mixture.

You can be sure that the designers really had durability in mind when it comes to its construction, which can handle both dry and wet phases without any problems.

Nautilus Power Drill

Photos courtesy of Alexander Kaula