Nautic Living is a German manufacturer specializing in floating houses that use electric engines and solar energy. Using hulls that create very little drag, which means less energy required to power the boats, they have made it their strong point to build houseboats that are both economical and efficient. Even better, the durable hulls are constructed to withstand ice formation, allowing you to leave your boat in the water even in winter.

The boats come with a variety of installations that you’d normally find in a modern home, such as a bathroom with shower, large bedroom and living space, fully equipped kitchen, nautical equipment, electric heating, and a roof terrace with solar panels. Prices start from 98,000 EUR for boats from the RELAX series, which measure 10m x 4,20m and go up to 15m long. For those looking for a larger floating home, the 20m Harmony or Deluxe would be more suitable.

Luxury features such as saunas, jacuzzis, and rooftop fireplaces can be installed as per client request and make these houseboats a true experience for anyone who sets foot on them.

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