Great office furniture does wonders in motivating us to work especially if you have the NARBUTAS Nova Wood Multipurpose Table. NARBUTAS designed it to be very versatile and conducive to working. It’s customizable according to your needs at the moment. This means it can go from a work desk to a conference table in a breeze. 

This one is designed for informal meetings and collaborations or as NARBUTAS describes it, “a self-sufficient meeting island.” It’s a “desking system” comprised of various types of desks: work desks, meeting tables, high tables, bench desks, meeting tables, multipurpose tables, and coffee tables. 

The NARBUTAS NOVA Wood Multipurpose Table is great for open-plan offices where you can create different areas for collaborative or individual work, leisure activities, or meetings. It is equipped with various accessories including power outlets, writing boards, shelves to store office supplies or bottles, plant pots, hooks, and more. This way, users can create the ideal desk needed for the job.

The table comes with stained and lacquered solid ash wood legs. They age gracefully over time so each table is unique from the other. To make them versatile, they also come with castor wheels for mobility so you can set them up according to your needs at work. The durable legs also serve as an attachment base for a writing board or display screen.

The NARBUTAS NOVA Wood Multipurpose Table even has electrical solutions integrated into the tabletop. This way you won’t have to scramble to find a power outlet whenever you move workspaces. An integrated cable tray safely stores the table’s electrical power supply elements. 

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Images courtesy of NARBUTAS