Sleep is now a luxury in this modern age and when possible, we always try to catch a quick shut-eye on the way to work or during break from work. Loris Dadda designed the Napow Jacket to make taking naps feasible anywhere and comfortable, even while seated.

It’s name is very self-explanatory, (Nap On The Way), but lets take a look at what makes this an ingenious solution in terms of naps during commutes. This is a sleeveless jacket with a primary objective to isolate the user from external light and provide an ideal sleeping position even when seated.

The Napow Jacket features a sturdy body equipped with an integrated harness that is carefully calibrated to cradle the neck and head with controlled tension. This prevents undesirable sleeping postures that could end with severe neck cramps or muscle pain in the backs. The design promotes correct and healthy posture and offers your body the support it needs while you doze off. 

Aside from the harness, there’s the comfortable padded collar with a double layer of polyurethane foam, making it quite cozy to sleep on. Other materials used for the jacket include synthetic fibers and eco-leather. As for background stimuli, this jacket comes with a hood that covers the ears and the eyes to muffle surrounding noise or sound and keep it dark as you sleep.

The Napow Jacket is meticulously made for comfortable and strain-free on-the-go napping. It’s designed to facilitate seated naps in different settings like on airport benches, office seats, or subway seats.  

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Images courtesy of Loris Dadda