A practice we have noticed among startups who want to let the world know about their sustainable ride is the use of the word “zero” in the name. Thus, even before we learned about its emission-free characteristics, the Zero-One already has our attention. NAON introduces a simple-yet-stylish take on an electric scooter.

The growth of urban mobility solutions comes at an opportune time as traffic and pollution in the city likewise surges. The company from Berlin presents a two-wheeler that does not outright reveal its eco-friendly nature. Although we enjoy the occasional LED-clad futuristic aesthetics, minimalism often makes a louder statement.

The mix of matte surfaces with glossy sections adds a layer of sophistication to its profile. Anyway, let’s move on to its capabilities. The Zero-One is geared for short trips as with others in its class. A full charge of its 2.4 kWh battery should last up to 25 miles before it needs to juice up.

To address any inconvenience this might bring, its power source is replaceable. You can access these just below the footrests, in case you want to swap spent packs out for fresh ones. NAON will ship the Zero-One in two trims. Depending on your desired performance, there’s one for everybody.

If you prefer a more laid-back ride, the L1e is capable of 4 horsepower with a top speed of 28 mph. Meanwhile, the L3e boosts that to 13 horsepower and maxes out at 62 mph. The Zero-One looks just like your average e-scooter, but with hints of classic elements. Depending on the viewing angle, it may even resemble an iconic platform from Piaggio. Nonetheless, the angular silhouette it reveals from the side is should clear up any confusion.

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Images courtesy of NAON