By featuring a harmonious mix of natural elements, the Naman Retreat Resort in Da Nang, Vietnam ensures a calm and serene ambiance that promotes relaxation for both body and mind. Guests are surrounded by impressive bamboo structures, natural stone features and a generous mix of greenery. They also enjoy access to a variety of healthy lifestyle activities, such as beach sports, yoga and spa sessions.

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Spread across three hectares of beautiful land, the resort includes a hotel, twenty villas, six VIP villas, and eighty welcoming bungalows. There are two central paths that link the resort entrance to the sea while successfully linking all service areas. Privacy is ensured by a series of architectural and landscaping features, but special attention was also given to the public socialization areas to avoid complete isolation.

With a spectacular architecture by Vo Trong Nghia Architects, the retreat manages to surprise and enchant with its every individual structure. Sometimes grand yet never intimidating, the buildings are a pleasure to look at. An ideal destination for both business and leisure trips, the Naman Retreat is perfectly equipped to help you stay on top of your work, as well as forget about all your daily worries.

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