If audiophiles can agree on one things, it’s that they hate listening to music wirelessly. Wired setups, most if not all of them claim, are the only way to authentically listen to highest-quality audio.

Screw that, says the Naim Uniti Atom. You can totally listen to superb quality audio wirelessly. This music streamer is designed to be a hub for all your music, casting it over Wi-Fi, sending it to your amp setup, or sending it directly to your speakers. You don’t even need to have your own amp, something all audiophiles will likely call blasphemy. The Uniti Atom boasts its own amps, meaning all you need to listen to excellent-sounding audio are a couple of high-fidelity speakers.

You still get the crisp, rich, and highly detailed sound you expect from a full-fledged music station with an amp. It’s incredibly pricey, though. You’ll be shelling out a whopping $3,295 for this bad boy. Most dedicated audiophiles do burn heaps cash for sweet audio gear, so this isn’t really an outlier. The real question is whether they’d be willing to spend that much toward an amp-less setup.

Still, it’s an excellent music streamer, one that can hold a candle to wired setups. Can the Uniti Atom really measure up against wired sound? The short answer is yes. Of course it can. It’s also got Spotify built-in so you have access to millions of songs if you have a premium subscription. So, besides the insane price tag, what’s not to like?