Composting is made easy with Nagualep’s ingenious Nano Electric Kitchen Composter, a device that turns food waste into organic fertilizer with a simple press of a button.

This kitchen composter promises to cut down waste footprint by 90% in as fast as 30 minutes. It takes out all the guesswork in composting and does all the job for you. A press of the “Start Process” button initiates the internal heat process that kills 99.9% of bacteria in the food waste through a blasting temperature of 126.66°C (260°F).  It fires up to 700W to reach the desired temperature in as fast as six minutes.

Then once it reaches its operating temperature, the Nano Electric Kitchen Composter automatically dials down to just 60W to maintain temperature and reduce energy consumption. It takes up just 0.15kWh per cycle which is about the same as the coffee maker. From the outside, you’d hardly know what’s happening inside.

This machine intelligently shuts down when your compost is ready and also detects when items are too large or hard to compost before it shuts down for safety. But once the composting is over, you’ll be amazed to see that the food waste inside has drastically reduced by 85% volume and 95% weight. 

It’s also best to note that this machine exudes no odor given the addition of an active carbon filter. With a little bit of water and a press of the “Self Cleaning” button, you won’t have to worry about manually washing it after use. Moreover, the Nano Electric Kitchen Composter operates silently at 35dB thanks to proprietary German-made carbon brushes, a high torque motor, and low RPM. It is quieter than a washing machine, hair dryer, or even the hum the refrigerator makes.

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Images courtesy of Nagualep