Who says mushrooms are only good as food? Apparently, they are also made into your everyday carry item like the Mylo Driver Bag, which uses mushroom leather.

This bag uses leather grown from the root structure of mushrooms called mycelium. Its designer, Bolt Projects and Portland-based brand Chester Wallace, optimized the mycelium fabrication technology pioneered by Ecovative.

The company used a combination of Mycelium cells and a substrate of corn stalks and nutrients to create mushroom leather. In ten days, the combination resulted in an interconnected mass that can be shaped to any shape and size. This end product is the Myo leather, which shares the same suppleness and warm touch as animal leather.

The only difference is that it only takes days instead of years to make the Mylo leather because it has a controlled growth environment and process. Its development also doesn’t harm the environment. It’s unlike the production of animal and synthetic leather, which produces material waste and toxic chemicals, respectively.

Design-wise, the Mylo Driver bag has a unisex appearance. It uses canvas for its base and pockets, which has two internal and three external pockets. Meanwhile, its durable carry-all silhouette is hand-cut and sewn entirely from Mylo leather.

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Photos Courtesy of Bolt Projects