Back in the day, Microsoft was recognized by tech-savvy consumers for its software. Apart from its operating system, the company was previously lauded for its IntelliMouse series. These mice touted top-shelf quality, excellent ergonomics, and superior performance. In 2008, the first-ever Arc Mouse took portability to a new level. However, the myAir.0 shows how creativity can introduce cool improvements.

What made the Arc Mouse unique was both the original folding hinge and the subsequent system which allowed the peripheral to stretch flat. As you can probably guess, the resulting form factor greatly reduces its physical footprint. Horace Lam, on the other hand, comes up with something inspired by Japanese traditional art.

We need to understand that this is made possible by modern manufacturing processes for electronics. Components can now be shrunk to fit whatever the engineer needs yet retain full functionality. This enables the myAir.0 to borrow concepts from Origami and fold its parts to turn into a full-size mouse.

According to the designer, it only weighs 1.41 ounces and measures 4.5 mm thick when not in use. Instead of paper, the myAir.0 is fabricated out of vegan leather or textiles shaped into geometric panels. The materials are flexible, sustainable, and can be customized as needed.

Instead of mechanical hinges, powerful magnets hold the parts in place to form an ergonomic Bluetooth mouse. The optical sensor is positioned at the front along with the left and right mouse buttons. A touch-sensitive section doubles as a scroll wheel and the myAir.0 recharges via a USB-C port.

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Images courtesy of Horace Lam/Air.0