A truly awesome beard doesn’t just grow on a face, it needs care & attention to keep it strong and well-groomed. Small fabrication shop miniFab out of Texas, USA has just the thing for growing that stylish beard stylishly.

Their Multi-tool Beard Comb ($33) is like a Swiss Army knife grooming utensil made of hardwood (either walnut, maple, padauk, bamboo) with brass hardware. Each houses two combs made of 5-ply alternating bamboo layers for strength and durability: one fine and the other course for combing through varying thicknesses or ages of beard. The third blade is solid and is there for scooping beard balm from so you can add luxuriousness to your facial hair, without getting all the precious beard balm under your fingernails.

This handmade beard mutitool is about 4″ long when folded and can be custom engraved on the handle for extra personalization. [via]

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