Furniture design is up for interpretation and personal taste. You can go the traditional route and choose those with practical and safe designs. But if you’re on the hunt for pieces that evoke a sense of fun and adventure, then the “Fast Rocking Chair” by Muddycap could just be your thing. 

This is a quirky chair that blurs the line between reality and imagination. Its jagged appearance makes it look like its perpetually moving even when it is standing still. Plus, the brush strokes on the paintwork on the surface, especially the blurred effect on the seat, adds to the mind-boggling illusion.

You’d wonder how the “Fast Rocking Chair” would actually look when it is moving. As it’s name implies, it would probably appear like it’s rocking really fast back and forth when it’s just moving slowly. On the upside, it’s actually a functional piece of furniture crafted from maple wood. The wood is cut into pieces using a mechanical saw and pieced together via traditional joineries.

The seat is flat and the backrest features a slightly corrugated design so you can sit on it comfortably. Only the side profiles are jagged although this could still pose a health hazard especially for those with pets and kids who often run around the house. 

The “Fast Rocking Chair” is both a furniture and a sculptural art. You can choose to use it as you would do to regular chairs or prop it against a wall as a display. Muddycap, a designer based in South Korea, features other reality-blurring creations on his Instagram including a chair designed after a melting ice cream, a pistol, an opened human head, and more. 

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Images courtesy of Muddycap/Instagram