Of all the Mexican traditions most enjoyed both above and below the border, tequila and lucha libre wrestling often go hand in hand. Now Jalisco-based Mucha Liga distillery has introduced three new tequilas to celebrate the sport of lucha libre, by placing them in awesome bottles sculpted to look like heads wearing luchador masks. Enter Mucha Liga Tequila ($TBA).

Named and masked to represent members of the league fighting to become ‘El Campeon’ this year, these three tequilas each also features a different expression of the drink. Bravo wears the blue mask and is pure, unaged, and clear. Canibal wears the red and is rested in former bourbon whiskey barrels until it becomes golden with a medium to full body. Made from field-matured agave, the Invicto wears a white mask to accentuate the deep ocre color of this añejo tequila.

The blue agave used to make this fine tequila is grown in the La Cienega region of Jalisco, so the soil is nutrient-rich and not over-harvested. As if Mucha Liga’s tequila wasn’t already an awesome drink, now the new lucha libre bottles are an even cooler reason to wrestle with the cactus.