What do you get when you combine a moped, dirt bike, and mountain bike? Well, you get the no-holds-barred Motoped Pro. This bike is a dream come true for anyone who wants an agile bike to speed around on without requiring a license to do so.

One of the things that stand out about the Motoped Pro is its Honda duplicate engine which is available either as 49cc or 125cc motor. With the 49cc, you will be able to reach a max speed of 24mph while the 125cc will get you all the way up to 45mph. In the true spirit of a downhill mountain bike, the Motoped Pro has a rear suspension and a full hydraulic front fork that allows you to choose between 6 or 8 inches of suspension travel.

So, whether you are tackling curbs, streets, or rugged trails, the Motoped Pro will see you through. It is the ultimate thrill for a bike enthusiast. Delivered by the same talented guys behind the apocalypse-ready Black Ops Survival Bike.

Buy From Motoped $2,500-$3,300