An EDC tray is always a good idea if you want to keep things tidy and organized. Especially if we’re talking about those items that you constantly use: keys, pens, earphones, glasses, chargers, wallet, and more. Take the Revov Tray Box from mordeco for instance. It’s a nifty holder with pleasing aesthetics to boot. 

Design-wise, it may look like any typical small container. But the use of colors and materials makes it stand out on your desk, bedside table, or console table. It looks sleek, elegant, and minimalist. 

The Revov Tray Box comprises a top tray made from Beech Wood. Wood naturally gives a soft and warm visual while making the product durable. Meanwhile, the bottom box is made from milled aluminum. It’s a contrast of materials yet they complement each other. The smooth and cold texture of the aluminum goes well with the pop of wood grains. 

The top is attached to the bottom tray via magnets and swivels open so you can access the items stored below. The powerful magnets prevent the top from freely swiveling around. Likewise, the solid aluminum base helps in preventing the box from tipping over when opening the lid. But it’s also best to avoid putting anything heavy on the top tray when the bottom is empty to avoid it tipping backward. 

The swivel motion also means the Revov Tray Box needs some space around it to be able to move freely. This means it can’t be close to walls or other tall objects. Regardless, this EDC tray is another great addition to your desk and something you can proudly show off as well with its stylish appearance. 

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Images courtesy of mordeco