Just because modern TVs are purely for visual entertainment does not mean that manufacturers should eschew aesthetics. Sure, our eyes might be glued to the actual display most of the time, but what happens when it’s off? LG and Dutch lifestyle label Moooi come up with the LX1 to keep a home’s stylish motif intact.

This is recently becoming a trend among the world’s leading manufacturers. Samsung gives us The Frame, The Serif, and the Sero. Meanwhile, Bang & Olufsen offers the BeoVision Harmony. Even Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi dropped jaws with the Mi TV Lux – a TV with a transparent panel.

Surprisingly, the LX1 is not LG’s first attempt at these types of designs. There’s the Gallery, ART90, and a rollable model under its SIGNATURE series. Also called the Posé, it looks like a stand with four long legs that supports a painting when not in use. You can enable gallery mode to display various stunning artwork.

It touts a continuous outline that curves at the bottom and rises straight back up at the back. This form factor also helps with cable management and can even double as a shelf for magazines and other reading materials. Its speakers feature a Kvadrat fabric cover, which does not affect acoustic quality.

The LX1 uses LG’s 4K OLED evo panel and is available in 42-inch, 48-inch, and 55-inch versions. It packs an Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor to handle the TV’s display performance and enhancements. It supports Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, and HDMI 2.1. Don’t expect this to come cheap as its features and looks seem like it belongs in the luxury category.

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LX1 Living Room

Images courtesy of LG