Disconnect from the hustle of daily life with a stay at the MoonPass Lookouts. This hideaway sits on 55 acres of pristine forest in Wallace, Idaho, and offers an immersive travel experience.

The lookout offers five unique custom-built towers that perch 30 feet in the air. Each tower boasts a smart glass roof perfect for stargazing and serves as a skylight. At the touch of a button, the innovative ceiling transforms from transparent to opaque during the day to effectively block out 99.9% of harmful UVA rays. This ensures guests enjoy a comfortable and shaded environment.

Then at night, the glass roof sets the stage for an enchanting stargazing experience. It turns the tower into a stargazing suite with no light pollution to hinder the view. Moreover, each tower room in the MoonPass Lookouts is equipped with modern-day amenities to make the guests’ stay comfortable and memorable.

It is equipped with a full-sized bed, a well-equipped kitchen, table and chairs, and a wood-burning stove, ideal for those cold nights when you want to savor its warmth. Guests even get their own private sauna and bathroom. Meanwhile, glazed walls surround each fourteen-by-fourteen-foot cabin for a breathtaking 360-degree view of the lush forest scenery.

The MoonPass Lookouts also hold a special significance as it’s where the legendary Great Fire of 1910, also known as the “Big Burn” happened. The mine shaft where one of the heroes, Ed Pulaski, brought his firefighting crew, is just a five-mile hike away from the towers. This historical backdrop adds a sentimental and educational element to an already unforgettable experience at the cabins.

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Images courtesy of Kristie Wolfe/MoonPass Lookouts