Even now, it feels surreal that we went through a pandemic during our time. It seems unbelievable that two years have already passed since the start of it all. Some businesses and their employees quickly adapted to the situation. Meanwhile, mobile data connectivity turned some people into digital nomads who travel aboard platforms like the Mobile Bus Office.

Although restrictions against the spread of COVID-19 are more lenient now, most companies still offer a work-from-home option. Those who choose to go with it just need a stable internet connection and a workspace that promotes productivity. As such, Moo-Flat Design comes up with a kitted-out transport to quench your wanderlust.

Some of us are just content to stay in our residences and designate an area as a makeshift workstation. The convenience it brings to the table is ideal for some and helps maintain a positive mood throughout the day. The Mobile Bus Office intends to replicate that albeit in the form of a fancy RV.

It enables owners to enjoy trips across the country and complete projects whenever and wherever. Like your typical motorhome, It features a mini kitchen and a dining space that doubles as a sleeping area. What it does differently is include a meeting lounge with a 34” display and a work desk for your laptop or computer.

The Mobile Bus Office’s interiors are lined with wood which exudes warmth and coziness. An AC system keeps everything cool when it gets hot outside. The rear doors fling open to reveal a deployable bench so you can take a break and relax with views of your surroundings. It allows you to get the job done in some of the most scenic locations it can reach.

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Images courtesy of Moo-Flat Design