Ever wanted to enjoy the outdoors but within the comfort of a cozy shelter? How about somewhere with a picturesque view that the urban jungle can never provide? Sure tents might seem like a viable option if you plan to just commune with nature for a few days. However, what if you are in it of the long haul? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can ultimately just have your own living space delivered and installed exactly where you want it? Then Drop Structures might just have something that you need.

The Mono cabin is a pre-fabricated minimalist structure that mixes luxury and comfort. It offers customization choices that will undoubtedly suit most people’s tastes. One of its most notable features is the enormous glass panels of its front and back walls that generously let natural light inside. You also get 106 square feet of space within its solid core-insulated walls. Power is sourced from your local provider or through solar panel installations.

Inside the cabin are 6 LED pot lights and 4 power sockets. Its default Baltic birch interior finish and black leather flooring are all customizable. The base model does not come with any furnishings, but you can always request the studio to design and install these for an additional fee. If you need to have a bathroom or kitchen integrated into your Mono cabin, please note that it will require an extension. Pricing ranges from $21,450 – $32,700 depending on the configuration you’ve selected. Drop Structures charges $1 per kilometer for its delivery fee.

Drop Structures

Photos courtesy of Drop Structures