Like the NCAVED House, Athens-based MOLD architects embeds another retreat into the island landscape of Serifos called HOMA, situated in Vagia. This unique hotel sits on the cliffs and nearly blends into its rocky topography if not for its flat, perforated rooftop. 

Located on the southern edge, the small boutique hotel embraces traces of a bygone mining era, with facilities scattered throughout the wider area. They signify the existence of a “second level of habitation.” The project comprises three independent lodgings with each interior space divided into two bedrooms and small living areas.  Each ensures privacy and variable sea views with its slight rotational positioning. The outdoors are much larger with kitchens, living/dining areas, and private swimming pools for each unit.

MOLD Architects also took advantage of the natural curvature of the plot to design two angled lines that are assimilated into the landscape. These lines form the two platforms that hold the lodgings (one of the first and two on the second). These units are approached from the roof via linear staircases that welcome guests to a “new ground” of habitation. From here, guests arrive at a sequence of voids and fulls that make up the patios, pools, and stairs that create functional spaces bathed in natural light. 

HOMA, which in Greek means “soil,” pays homage to its elemental connection with the earth. The earthen mineral pigment in the plaster, the wood, and natural rocks that frame the construction, and the built furniture from white polished concrete, exemplify the sculptural processing of the natural soil. These elements bring forth a sense of harmony and unity with the natural landscape. 

Images courtesy of MOLD Architects