To all the gym rats who listen to music during their workouts, which feels more comfortable? Do you prefer a pair of over-ears, on-ears, or in-ears? It’s a matter of personal preference, but don’t you just hate it when they fall off during intense sessions? Mojawa might have the ideal solution with the HapFit Terra, billed as a “one AI sports trainer.”

We’ve also tried our fair share of models ranging from full-size headphones to compact TWS earbuds. So far, it’s a mixed experience with their own sets of pros and cons. What’s interesting about this product is the integration of several essential features that position it as an all-in-one audio device for users with an active lifestyle.

At a glance, the HapFit Terra flaunts a behind-the-head configuration, but what it brings to the table is superior comfort. Prolonged use of standard headphones and earbuds will eventually lead to discomfort. Therefore, Mojawa designed its new hardware to deliver an immersive listening experience even during extended workouts.

To ensure they don’t fall off from any type of movement, these rely on the headband and ear hooks. Instead of typical speaker drivers, the HapFit Terra leverages bone conduction technology for its acoustic output. In addition to audio playback, this bad boy is outfitted with sensors to track heart rate and activities. It actively monitors your pace, calories, distance, swimming lap, step count, and more.

It also generates haptic feedback for tactile sensations which enhance your interaction. With the companion app, users can then view insights on what they need to improve. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from your smartphone but also comes with 32 GB of internal storage for your MP3s. Mojawa endows the HapFit Terra with robust IP68 protection to withstand all types of moisture.

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Images courtesy of Mojawa