GPS trackers are essential for not just misplaced or lost items. They can also help monitor your pet’s whereabouts, especially if they venture too far from home. The MoFinderX1 GPS Pet Tracker works with just about anything you don’t want to lose out of sight.

This innovative device tracks everything important to you: pets, everyday carry, or even a loved one. It offers real-time distance and direction tracking at a range of up to 6.4km. It even has voice tracking and LED lights for easy visibility. Best of all, there is no monthly fee.

Guaranteed as a great substitute for Apple’s AirTag, the MoFinderX1 GPS Pet Tracker does not rely on a sim card, a network, or a mobile phone signal to work. It uses a one-press precise positioning system to get the exact location and distance. It even provides GPS directions.

Meanwhile, an accompanying app for Android or iOs lets you set a safe zone up to 3 km and alerts you when the tracked item, person, or pet leaves that zone. The app also lets you record a ten-second voice message that would work well with your pet. A press on the controller’s “positioning” button will play the recording. The app, like a Fitbit, also records distance covered by your pet so you’re able to monitor fitness goals. One controller can connect to up to four trackers so it’s great for families and friends.

The MoFinderX1 GPS Pet Tracker has a standby time of seven days and a working time of up to 14 hours. It is outdoor adventure-ready with its waterproof construction. The controller, on the other hand, comes with an easy clip and snap design and can last for 26 hours in working mode and ten days on standby.

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Images courtesy of MoFinderX1