The Mocaf Electric Coffee Grinder is for the coffee afficionados who prefer to craft or experiment with their own brew at home. It grinds coffee beans uniformly thanks to its ultra-sharp 60mm stainless steel flat burrs,  known for their consistency and durability.

This machine also has 29 grind settings and a 4-speed adjustment system for a hassle-free brewing. The grind settings range from coarse to extra fine perfect for Turkish coffee, so you can achieve your preferred coffee flavor and strength. Cold Brew (medium to coarse) is best set between 23 and 29, a pour over (medium grind) between 17 and 22 gears, while Moka Pot (medium to fine) coffee from 10 to 16 gears. 

Espresso needs a fine grind so that’s between four and nine gears and Turkish is super fine between one and three gears. The Mocaf Electric Coffee Grinder has a versatile speed adjustment setting that you can adjust to suit the type of coffee you’re brewing. Its user-friendly interface lets you craft the perfect joe every time even at the comfort of your kitchen. 

It even has an accurate built-in scale and timer, so you don’t have to bring out a separate scale or timer if you need to measure your coffee grounds or beans. These addition allows you to pre-define the grind weight and initiate grinding accordingly or set a specific time for grinding by duration. It also shuts down automatically after each process.

Moreover, the Mocaf Electric Coffee Grinder has a magnetic anti-splash cup that lets you dispense the grounds directly into the cup sans the mess. Just place the cup on the base and it will center itself automatically. This machine also comes with a spacious and detachable bean hopper that can hold a max of 850 grams of whole coffee beans, ready for a fresh grind.  The transparent container lets you easily monitor the bean level inside.

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Images courtesy of Mocaf