It’s finally holiday season and people are scrambling for the best gifts for loved ones, coworkers, and friends. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably in the same boat as many others who are still looking for the ideal present. We’re here to help! By now, a lot of you likely have an iPhone 14 Pro or an iPhone 14 Pro Max. If so, Mkeke presents its Clear Case Magnetic for superior protection and performance.

After a great experience with their Clear Case for the latest iPhones, we were eager for what they had next. It was only a matter of time before the company developed a MagsSafe compatible version. Now you can finally grab a reliable protective accessory that won’t break the bank and still show off the striking design of your device. Plus, you get the convenience of wireless charging and compatibility with other Apple add-ons.

About Mkeke

Before we dive right into the details about the Clear Case Magnetic, here’s the lowdown on the brand. Mkeke has been a supplier of iPhone accessories since 2015 and remains one of the top names in robust and stylish cases. Upon checking, Amazon is listing more than 1,000,000 positive feedback ratings. In fact, its products are regularly tagged as Amazon’s Choice.

Moreover, it currently qualifies for the online retailer’s Climate Pledge Friendly standards. As such, it speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of the manufacturer. In addition to their Clear Case Magnetic, they also sell a selection of tempered glass screen protectors to shield your iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max from all angles.

Ordering Your Mkeke Clear Case Magnetic

Much like before, the company was gracious enough to send over a few samples for us to test out. Since some of us here have already made the jump to Apple’s new-generation flagship smartphones, we were eager to test it out. Not to worry though, because Mkeke still offers a wide range of options for those who still own older iPhone models.

Ordering yours is as straightforward as it can get. Just head on over to Amazon, type in “Mkeke” in the search box, and hit enter. You can also add “magnetic” to narrow down the results for the Clear Case Magnetic variant. Complete the process and just wait for your package to arrive. Depending on logistics and local customs processing, it should take a few days or up to a week.

Unboxing Experience

Don’t expect extravagant packaging as Mkeke wants users to get right down to business. It ships in the same minimalist white box as the other cases in the catalog. The Mkeke Clear Case Magnetic image is printed on the front, while the back holds additional information. To keep it a no-frills affair, pop open the flap to reveal a pull tab to help take it out. They’re not taking any chances by wrapping it in a plastic pouch. That’s all there is to it!

Showcasing The Design

By now, almost everyone grabs a case and screen protector for their handsets on day one. Given the premium price point of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, you’ll want to keep it as pristine as possible for the longest time possible. However, what the majority of case manufacturers do not take into account is how their products can take away the attractive aesthetics of the device.

It should be established by now that Apple has an eye for style which its competitors strive to copy whenever a new model comes out. Therefore, it would be a shame to bundle it up with opaque materials that cover all the shiny bits including the iconic emblem on the rear panel. Mkeke’s solution is to fabricate the Clear Case Magnetic out of polycarbonate, acrylic, plastic, and magnets.

The exceptional transparency flaunts the brilliant beauty of your iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max with minimal distractions. Even the branding is subtle enough to keep our focus on the device’s cosmetic nuances instead. It comes with precise cutouts to give users access to all functional parts. Official charging cables should fit perfectly while we’ve also tried some third-party options with mixed results. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be an issue for most.

Mkeke Clear Case Magnetic Features

As it says on the name, the Clear Case Magnetic is fully compatible with Apple’s MagSafe technology. Taking cues from the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max’s MagPrime array, it’s using N52SH magnets. Mkeke says it is seven times stronger than others at 2,600 Gs. This ensures accessories attach and stay on securely while it charges properly as well.

We tried several MagSafe products – both first-party and third-party – and can say that it lives up to what was advertised. Unlike some cases that claim to be compatible, the magnets are not up to snuff. As a result, most people tend to remove them when they need to hook up wireless chargers, battery packs, and others.

Mkeke’s Clear Case Magnetic, on the other hand, shows no signs of incompatibility. In fact, MagSafe accessories snap on without a hitch and align perfectly for seamless integration. Even when the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max were in our pockets or backpacks there were practically no instances wherein something detached. On this note, we believe it deserves a thumbs up.

Another problem with clear cases is that these tend to yellow over time. Exposure to chemicals and ultraviolet rays can cause discoloration. So far, the previous ones they sent over are still in their original hue and are likely to stay that way with proper care. We have yet to see if it really retains the clarity and color down the line.

Next are the impact protection characteristics. This was a bit difficult for us to test since we don’t want to intentionally drop our units for the sake of a review. However, we’ll take Mkeke’s word for it in addition to other users on Amazon who shared their throughs on how well it prevented damage from bumps and falls.

With military-grade drop protection, raised edges surround the perimeter of the cameras and screen. Still, it remains stable enough when you place it on any surface, so it doesn’t wobble when you interact with the touchscreen. These might be subtle aspects of its design but are handy, nonetheless.

Meanwhile, all four corners of the frame benefit from the TPU bumpers. Not only do these dissipate impacts, but also provide a non-slip grip. Furthermore, the overall physical footprint of the Clear Case Magnetic is compact and keeps your iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max as slim as possible. It’s easy to install and remove, which is as hassle-free as you can get.

Our Takeaway

With so many folks upgrading to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max before the year ends, Mkeke’s Clear Case Magnetic is a splendid choice. It offers rugged protection against accidental drops and other forms of impact and enables the use of MagSafe products and accessories. You can get it in various colorways: Clear, Transparent Black, Purple Gradient, Gradient Light Black, and Gradient Purple Blue. Take your pick and show off your shiny new device in style.

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