Aftermarket customization is a popular practice wherein people turn their rides into bespoke builds. These apply to any mobility platform but are more prevalent in cars and motorcycles. It usually starts with a sketch followed by blueprints and then the rest is up to the hands behind the project. However, computer-aided design streamlines the process to give us something cool like this MK1 Industrial.

At first, we thought this was a full-sized bike, but its low stature is akin to that of a compact two-wheeler like Honda’s Motocompo. Nevertheless, this is a completely original model shared by Salvatore Ville. The renders are remarkably lifelike and help us envision what this café racer would look like if it were real.

Initially, it seemed like the body kit was opaque, but it’s more of a translucent material with a metallic sheen instead. In some close-up shots, we can faintly see details behind the geometric fairings such as the frame and the rest of the front wheel. As cool as the MK1 Industrial looks, there seem to be some issues when it comes to rider comfort.

The saddle does not appear to have any cushioning and is oddly shaped. Moreover, ergonomics, the configuration encourages an aggressive riding position but does not account for overall ergonomics. Aside from these gripes, The MK1 Industrial is just as sleek as any superbike, albeit presented on a smaller scale.

Based on the images, the MK1 Industrial accounted for weight with its use of composite materials. The swingarm flaunts patterns typically associated with forged carbon fiber. Its low-slung profile somewhat hints at reliable handling at high speeds. The MK1 Industrial is likely outfitted with an all-electric powertrain.

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Images courtesy of Salvatore Ville/Behance