A few weekends back, Japanese carmakers were all showcasing their very best. The Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 was full of welcome surprises, but most of the exciting news was all about sustainability. We shone the spotlight on Mitsubishi when it announced the revival of its Ralliart line, but many found it lacking. Thankfully, this electric The Eclipse concept will do for now.

Currently, there are no rumors about the triple-diamond emblem’s eco-friendly revival of their iconic sports car. However, it’s not stopping the Advait Taware and Karan Adivi from envisioning what it would look like in modern times. Judging by the futuristic theme of The Eclipse concept, we can’t help but think it somewhat draws influences from “Cyberpunk 2077.”

This sleek two-door coupe seats up to four via a 2+2 seating setup. Its aerodynamic outline tells us its zero-emission powertrain will get owners to where they need to go quickly. It has a large windshield that wraps the cabin all the way to the back. We also found out that some sections of the body are transparent.

The see-through panels of The Eclipse concept expose the carbon fiber frame within for a stylish aesthetic. The interior features seats upholstered in fabric with a mix of composites, metal, and LED lighting. We spot a yoke-style steering wheel, touch-enabled buttons, and digital instrument screens.

According to the artists, the seats and outer shell will be removable. This allows the machine to fold into itself to conserve parking space. We’re not entirely sure if everything will be automated or if some elbow grease is required to start the process. Mitsubishi should seriously bring back The Eclipse.

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Images courtesy of Behance/Advait Taware/Karan Adivi