Is the water out of your tap safe enough to drink? Are you still buying bottled water in bulk because it’s not? To those who answered yes, now might be the right time for an upgrade. What we’re talking about is Miracle M.A.X. Royale from Chanson Naturals. They describe it as an under-counter water ionizer.

This device replaces your regular faucet and produces fresh, ionized alkaline water. According to studies, this is more beneficial than regular drinking water. Chanson Naturals says it can likewise make low pH acidic water. The latter is used in various applications such as disinfecting and non-toxic cleaning.

The manufacturer notes that third-party lab tests confirm water at 2.7 pH is effective against E.coli and Staph bacteria. The Miracle M.A.X. Royale can adjust these parameters from any water source. Its faucet measures 9.3” x 6.7” (H x D), while the control module is 3.7” x 2.6” x 0.79” (H x W x D). The assembly weighs 19,8 lbs.

If your local water supply is soft, Chanson Naturals recommends the use of an Inline Re-mineralizer Cartridge. Otherwise, the ionizer function of the Miracle M.A.X. Royale will not work properly. We like how intuitive the process is. Use the touchscreen to make adjustments and dispense.

It is equipped with a PJ-8000 filter that will last approximately 10 to 12 months before it needs a replacement. You can always check the estimated filter life on the display. Chanson Naturals recommends the use of Himalayan rock salt, but you can use any mineral salt. The Miracle M.A.X. Royale’s pH range is 2.7 to 11.3.

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Images courtesy of Chanson Naturals