Among the options available, we know for a fact that some camping and overlanding enthusiasts prefer not to convert their vehicles into motorhomes. A turn-key RV seems like a convenient solution, but most choose to put their ride’s towing capacity to good use with a travel trailer instead. Mink Campers presents a futuristic teardrop silhouette it calls the MINK-E.

As the automotive industry gradually welcomes more powerful electric powertrains and improved mileage, EV owners are now eager to explore the wilderness or just go on an extended road trip away from the city. The MINK-E is a robust and versatile sports camper developed with eco-friendly capabilities in mind.

Instead of the typical geometric form factor that has become ubiquitous among manufacturers, Mink Campers prefers gentle curves akin to the aerodynamic caravans of the past. It makes this model look like a habitat that can sustain life in outer space. Nevertheless, its function is on the modest side and ideal for creature comforts in the great outdoors.

The MINK-E measure 13.5 feet long and weighs approximately 1124 lbs. It’s compact and can be hauled by commercially available EVs. To withstand the demands of overlanding and off-road traversal, it’s constructed out of ABS plastic with a robust frame and insulated walls around 1.2 inches thick.

Plus, the fact that it is powered by rechargeable batteries means there is little to no impact on nature. Solar panels on the roof take advantage of abundant free energy to keep the system in optimal operating conditions. Mink Campers also details the use of 25% recyclable materials for the sake of sustainability.

Do you need to prepare a meal? Lift the tailgate and access the kitchen with its induction cooker, ice chest, and storage spaces for your supplies. A queen-sized mattress should help you sleep under the stars visible via the skylight. The MINK-E is just one of the many off-grid options available right now.

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Images courtesy of Mink Campers