This minimalist black and white residence by Parasite Studio is located in a marginal neighborhood of Timisoara, Romania. Called the C House, it stands out among the others, even though this is a newly constructed zone with a very diverse and non-homogenous character regarding colors, volumes, architectural styles and alignment.

Minimalist C House by Parasite StudioC House Living Room C House Kitchen

White dominates the design and defines the house’s horizontal-vertical dynamics, while the black elements are strategically placed to visually stretch and emphasize the openings. The façade that faces the street stretches horizontally and keeps an understated appearance, while the opposite one is considerably more open and transparent, allowing for a natural connection with the backyard and pool area.

The southern façade features a series of extruded volumes that allow natural light to reach the various spaces inside. The northern side is more opaque with more fragmented openings and slits that ensure indirect lighting to the interiors.

The living area acts as the core of the project, with all other room naturally leading to this space. From here, the owners and their guests can seamlessly transition to the inviting outdoor areas, where the green lawn and blue pool encourage them to relax and unwind.

C House Back C House Pool Area C House Exterior Design