Minimalism, it’s either something you love or hate. We are personally big fans of minimalism. It gives you more space to breathe, and by cutting back on what you have you can appreciate those select items you allow in your life.

One of the problems with furniture and decorative pieces that are made with minimalism in mind is that although they are stunning, they are often unusable. The G Table, designed by Andrew Berezynsky could be one of those rare items that are both functional and minimal.

It has been devised to fulfil the role of a table or desk, while simultaneously giving you a place to keep those hardy succulents like cacti and similar plants. There are three sections on one side that are easy to move and rearrange. The tech box at the moment is designed with Apple Notebooks in mind and includes an adaptor integrated into the design.

The biggest problem with this G Table is that because it’s highlighted on Behance, it is more than likely a concept that will never come to fruition or will just be a one-off piece. Only time will tell if we are proven wrong and whether this will be found in trendy homes across the country in the near future.

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