Dutch designer Bram Moens is preparing to follow-up on his success with the M5 recumbents by creating a very compact and lightweight bike that is made for multiple riding environments. The Minimal Carbon Bike ($2,965) has a unique three-pronged frame that, like the fork, stem, seat post, and handlebars, is constructed of high-quality carbon fiber.

The Minimal Bike is very low-maintenance with its non-corrosive components and carbon frame. While not a folding bike, the Minimal weights only 14.8 lbs. so it is very easy to carry inside or upstairs. Continuing with the minimalist design, the brake levers are incorporated into the handlebar grips and control disc brakes. The bike rides on 20″ wheels, accommodates 1″ to 1.9′ tires, and can fit riders from as short as 5′-2″ to 6′-8″. Arriving in both a one-speed and a ten-speed option, the Minimal Bike is sure to turn heads while zipping through the city.