Are you due to travel anytime soon? Well, most people are as they go on vacation or visit the family to celebrate the holidays this month or welcome 2023 somewhere away from colder temperatures. If so, don’t forget to pack the essential stuff as well as some accessories. Keep your favorite timepieces protected in style with the elegant Travel Case by MING.

The Swiss horologer debuted a carbon fiber storage solution to commemorate its fifth year in business earlier this year. The original plan was to offer 50 of these as part of a special giveaway for the anniversary. However, it drummed up enough interest in the months that followed which prompted MING to produce another classy version for retail.

Its release makes it an ideal gift for watch enthusiasts you know or for personal use. The new Travel Case ditches the composite for a wooden construction it calls anthracite maple. We all know the material easily enhances the appeal of any product and this is no different.

We all have a favorite timekeeping instrument in our collection, but it’s better to have options to at the ready. Hence, MING designs this sleek clamshell container to hold up to seven timepieces and additional accessories. Keep in mind that the maximum size it can accommodate per cutout is up to 43 mm only.

The Travel Case’s Okoumé body features fiberglass elements with high-density foam. The latter flaunts a royal blue microfiber suede cover to cradle each MING model you own securely. Push-button locks make it easy to open and its dimensions are slim enough to slip into carry-on luggage and backpacks.

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Images courtesy of MING